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Terms like "no out of pocket costs" or "everything is rolled into the loan"  get thrown around all the time in the mortgage business.  Many loan officers hide behind these phrases and shy away from showing the customers how the closing costs factor into the rates that they are advertising.  

At Horizon Financial Center we are different.   We will pull back the curtain on the mortgage process and give you a detailed breakdown of all your options including the most popular no cost loan.  That's right the no costs- the bank actually pays all of the closing costs on your behalf.

We are a leading local independant mortgage company.  Founded in 2000 and Located in Tucson, our rates are lower than "big guys" because we pass the wholesale rates on to you. There is no charge to work with us.  No upfront fees to get started, no application fees or any hidden "junk fees" to worry about.  We are paid by the bank and only when your loan closes.

Call, email or click the quick quote button at anytime to get started and experience for yourself how it pays to see what is on your Horizon. 

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